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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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Monday 6 October, 2008 - Zagreb, Croatia

08.15 Registration
09.00 Welcome President, Stephen Pickard (Belgium)
  • Introduction of delegates and welcome of new members
    • Epikouros - Kinesis (Movement) Branch (Greece)
    • Parkinson-Hilfe Deutschlang e.V. (Germany)
  • Adoption of 2007 General Assembly minutes
  • Annual Report 2007 and President’s Report 2008
  • Adoption of EPDA and PDI 2007 audited report and accounts
  • Confirmation of appointment of accountant M J Reid & Co for 2009
Stephen Pickard
  • Treasurer’s Report and 2009 Forecast Budget
Branko Šmid (Slovenia)
  • Results of National Association priorities
Susanna Lindvall (Sweden)
  • 5 minute presentations from some of the member organisations about their annual activities
    • Vlaamse Parkinson Liga vzw (Belgium)
    • Dansk Parkinsonforening (Denmark)
    • Delta Parkinson Egyesület (Hungary)
    • Israel Parkinson Association (Israel)
    • Lietvos Parkinsono Draugija (Lithuania)
    • Associação Portuguesa de Doentes de Parkinson (Portugal)
    • Parkinson Schweiz (Switzerland)
  • Structure of support groups
Una Anderson-Ryan (Ireland)
11.00 Coffee Break
  • Update on Eastern European Road Show held in Poland, September 2008
Mariella Graziano (Luxembourg)
  • Update on the Parkinson's Decision Aid
Tom Isaacs (United Kingdom)
  • Update on Learning in Partnership project launched at 2007 General Assembly and the way forward
Stephen Pickard
  • Final results of Real Life Real PD, European survey launched at 2007 General Assembly and launch of The Patient Tool
Alison Farquhar (United Kingdom)
  • Parkinson's Awareness Campaign
Susanna Lindvall
  • Pan-european Surveys for Patient and Carers
Lizzie Graham (United Kingdom)
  EPDA website developments
  • Parkinson's Passport
  • PD Doc
  • Member subsites
Chiu Man
(United Kingdom)
13.25 Meeting closes Stephen Pickard
13.30 Lunch followed by departure