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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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The EPDA Team

The EPDA’s work programme couldn’t continue or progress without the support from a number of dedicated freelancers with years of relevant experience. 


Lizzie Graham    

Director of Fundraising and Global Communications | lizzie@epda.eu.com

Lizzie has worked with the EPDA since it was formed in June 1992.

In November 2001 she was appointed to manage the organisation as well as develop its projects, promotion and fundraising.

In 2012, she retired from her role as Secretary General to become an Executive Board Member and to head up its communication and marketing strategies as well as fundraising. Her additional responsibilities include:

  • developing the EPDA’s work programme.
  • maintaining and developing treatment industry and external partnerships
  • improving the EPDA’s wider communication with its key stakeholders 
  • financial management
  • Editor-In-Chief for all EPDA publications and web content
Lizzie Graham

Chiu Man  

Head of Operations | chiu@epda.eu.com

Chiu has worked with the EPDA since 2004.

He began his career in education, moving to information technology in 1999. He brings to the EPDA extensive experience and skills in IT, web development and creative design. His responsibilities include:         

  • managing the EPDA team
  • management of the EPDA and EU-partnered projects
  • management and development of the EPDA website and social media
  • working within the fundraising, communications and marketing team
  • logistics
Chiu Man

Dominic Graham 

Head of Editorial and Brand Communications | dominic@epda.eu.com

Dominic has worked with the EPDA since 2004.

A journalist for more than 10 years, his experience includes working with a wide range of consumer, trade and contract publishing companies. His responsibilities include:

  • managing the EPDA's web and print editorial strategies
  • developing the EPDA's communications and branding strategies
Dominic Graham

Carolyn Loveless  

Information and Research Officer (non-scientific) | carolyn@epda.eu.com

Carolyn has worked with the EPDA since 2006.

She began her career organising pharmaceutical conferences and, in 1997, assisted the EPDA with the organisation of its bi-annual conference. Her responsibilities include:           

  • online content research
  • database administration
  • European Medicines Agency (EMA) representative
  • European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines (EAASM) representative
  • external exhibitions
  • web CMS administration
  • EPDA social media support
  • info@epda.eu.com enquiries
Carolyn Loveless

Jennifer Stratten  

Administrative Support | jennifer@epda.eu.com

Jennifer has worked with the EPDA since 2010.

An allergy and intolerance tester, Jennifer has worked with the general public and the independent health services sector for more than 13 years. Her responsibilities include:

  • administrative support
  • membership liaison
  • member organisation webpage support
  • web CMS support
  • EPDA social media support
Jennifer Stratten

Pat Wharton  

Finance Assistant | pat@epda.eu.com

Pat has worked with the EPDA since 2012.

She began her career as an assistant to the finance director of a listed investment holding company, and currently works part time in an accountancy practice dealing with internal bookkeeping and payroll bureau services. Her responsibilities include:

  • reconciling income and expenditure and all other accounting duties
Pat Wharton

Francesco De Renzis  

Fundraising | francesco@epda.eu.com

Francesco has worked with the EPDA since 2013.

He lives in Turin, Italy. He has studied political science and has had experiences in the not-for-profit sector in Italy and in Ireland. His EPDA tasks includes:

  • collaborating in the development of a fundraising strategy
  • researching potential funders within the business and voluntary sector
  • web CMS administration
  • EPDA social media support
Francesco De Renzis

Natalie Levenhagen  

Co-ordinator natalie@epda.eu.com 

Natalie has worked with the EPDA since 2014.

She has more than 15 years' experience working in the conference and events industry. Her responsibilities for the EPDA include:

  • organising of internal and industry meetings
  • administrative support
  • EPDA social media support
Natalie Levenhagen