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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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Board nominations and election criteria

The EPDA is a highly respected and well-known European umbrella organisation. It is committed and energetic and, therefore, requires a committed and energetic board. We welcome nominations for potential candidates from enthusiastic people who are familiar with the EPDA and have participated in its work.


Board members are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year term and may be re-elected for two further terms.


Selection committee

In order to select potential EPDA Board nominees, the existing Board must appoint a selection committee that includes:

  • one elected Board member
  • one present-elected Board member if NOT standing for re-election (if all Board members are standing for re-election, the Board will select an alternative representative)
  • one other chosen by the existing Board, normally the Executive Director
  • one member organisation representative, who may or may not have Parkinson's.


The committee will search for and select nominations during the year immediately following the election of the present Board. It will then provide their written recommendation to the Board along with an evaluation of their discussions/communications with interested nominees.


The existing Board

It is the existing Board’s responsibility to:

  • confirm that the EPDA budget can support the full participation of the proposed number of Board members
  • strive for the widest possible geographic representation by its Board members
  • submit successful nominations to the General Assembly for ratification by the delegates.



Nominees must:

  • meet personally with the elected Board 
  • be enthusiastic and committed individuals who are familiar with – and have participated in – the EPDA’s work during the previous three years 
  • understand the importance of the EPDA's aims and objectives and commit to furthering these during their term of office for the benefit of the members and those individuals that they represent
  • be either a person with Parkinson’s, carer, patient organisation representative or healthcare professional
  • must reflect the geographic spread of the EPDA
  • have been actively involved in pursuing their respective organisation’s initiatives, achievements and goals for a period of no less than five years
  • confirm that the national organisation they may represent has fully paid its EPDA membership fees in the current year and for the last five years
  • attend Board meetings as an observer (in the year of the election).

General nominee requirements

Nominees must:

  • have the ability to work and communicate well in English
  • demonstrate good communication skills with a variety of people from different cultural backgrounds
  • be a good team player and appreciate the importance of partnership and working together
  • act as an ambassador and advocate for the EPDA
  • have the willingness to accept and handle responsibility within the Board structure, if required
  • show motivation and commitment
  • have a sense of humour
  • be available to travel widely and attend EPDA meetings in person, if required
  • be willing to devote the time required to attend or participate (via conference call facilities) the EPDA meetings
  • have flexible working arrangements and be able to fit in with weekend meetings and mid-week meetings and telephone conference calls
  • have an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • provide an up-to-date photograph.