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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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Board responsibilities

All elected officers are volunteers and their positions are honorary. The following responsibilities relate to the work that needs to be carried out for the EPDA to function and to ensure its work programme is managed effectively and efficiently.
All elected officers have a joint responsibility:
  • to the EPDA member organisations for the management of the EPDA
  • to encourage financial support for the EPDA’s work
  • to continue to promote and enhance the ethos of the EPDA via its work programme.

The President

The EPDA President must have been an existing board member for at least three years. He/she is responsible for:

  • enhancing and promoting the growth of the EPDA and its work programme

  • providing strategic leadership and advising on appropriate relationships that will benefit the EPDA.

The President’s responsibilities include:

  • being responsible for the EPDA’s strategic direction and work programme being agreed democratically
  • ensuring that the EPDA's members are fully represented and are able to participate in the organisation’s work programme
  • ensuring that a close liaison is maintained between the EPDA and the European Parliament and European Commission.

The Vice-President

The EPDA Vice-President must have been an existing board member for at least three years. He/she is responsible for:

  • deputising during the President’s absence with regards to all of the EPDA activities (as listed above).

What does the Board do? 

  • It monitors the EPDA strategy to ensure it meets modern demands and requirements, thereby ensuring that the EPDA remains current and effective in an ever changing societal landscape, enabling improvements in the management of Parkinson’s 
  • It represents the agreed ethos, aims and objectives of the EPDA at an international and global level 
  • It acts as an advisor by providing Parkinson’s expertise and guidance to a variety of organisations, committees and journals etc., including the European Medical Agency, My PD Journey European Executive Committee, the Parkinson’s Disease Group Think Tank, European funded projects, European Journal of Neurology etc. 
  • It acts as ambassadors, advocating for positive, proactive dialogue and partnership between all the EPDA stakeholders to improve the lives of 1.2 million people with Parkinson’s and their families across Europe.