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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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Code of practice for funding partners

The EPDA has developed its own code of practice to maintain its independence and transparency. Specifically, the EPDA has a code with regards to its:

Relationship with industrial and other potential partners

  • Relationships between the EPDA and its industrial and any other partners are based on equal partnership. Both sides will work together on policy development and practical initiatives in the interests of all EPDA member organisations and the EPDA's overall strategic direction

  • Successful partnerships are those where both partners gain by making the effort to understand the internal culture and external pressures of the other.



  • Funding will be declined if its application compromises the EPDA’s independence in any way

  • As an independent organisation, the EPDA relies on no conflict of interest and total transparency with the funder as well as the exchange of agreed and signed contracts

  • The EPDA favours the use of funding consortia of two or more companies from the same or other industries to meet its strategic direction

  • Details of the EPDA’s funding are included here and within its Financial reports.

  • The EPDA requires its funders to adhere to relevant company, national and international codes of conduct, including notifying their support for the EPDA on their websites.


Product endorsement

  • The EPDA’s name must not be used to imply approval or endorsement of any of the funders’ products

  • The EPDA encourages research into new treatments and the better application of existing therapies. It does not endorse the use of individual treatments over others

  • The EPDA supports the proper licensing of medicines.


Note: In addition to the EPDA’s own code of practice, the EPDA is also guided by with the European Medical Agencies (EMA) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) codes of practice. For further information on these two codes, visit EMA www.ema.europa.eu and EFPIA www.efpia.eu