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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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In order to continue its operations, the EPDA relies on partnership with external organisations. However, to ensure our independence, we do not accept donations that are dependent on policies set by others. The EPDA Board and Team are careful to ensure that any funds received do not influence the organisation’s vision, strategic goals or other projects.

The EPDA would like to thank all its partners, sponsors and supporters for their continued interest and partnership. We look forward to working closely with them all in the future.


Our funding partners

Our funding partners are companies and organisations of high standing and reputation, all of whom agree with the EPDA’s overall strategic direction and help support the integrity of the organisation. These partnerships are established on shared interest, transparency, trust and mutual benefit, and do not imply the EPDA’s endorsement of any corporation (or their products or services).

Click here to see which companies support the EPDA's projects.


Our agency partners

The following agencies are the EPDA's trusted friends and supporters who have, in their own unique ways, enabled us to make strides towards realising our mission. Your support is, as ever, greatly appreciated.


Becoming a funding partner

There are a number of options available for external organisations and individuals considering becoming a committed EPDA funding partner.

Why become an EPDA sponsored partner?

By becoming an EPDA partner, your company would:

  • help enable the EPDA to carry out its strategic goals on behalf of people with Parkinson’s and their families
  • engage with a long-standing, highly reputable and well-respected not-for-profit organisation (the EPDA)
  • enhance your company’s visibility at a European level
  • demonstrate your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • help the fight against the effects of Parkinson’s disease, which have an impact across nearly every cultural, social and economic boundary.

For more specific information about how your funding will help people with Parkinson's, please download our 'Why support the EPDA?' brochure.

The 2017 partnership options

There are three main options to choose from when considering becoming an EPDA funding partner. Potential partners are able to choose the amount they pay within each tier, but please remember that the more you are able to provide, the more we will be able to help people with Parkinson’s and their families. Without your generous help, the EPDA would not exist, so we thank you very much for considering helping us.

  Silver Gold Diamond
  Starting at €20,000 Starting at €35,000 Starting at €50,000
Acknowledgment of your sponsorship within the EPDA annual report and other relevant publications and materials X X X
Your company name and link appearing on the partners section of the EPDA website (banner ads/logos can also be included if desired) X X X
Invitations to EPDA events, including European Parliament activities, press conferences and annual member meetings X X X
Receive EPDA endorsement for your company’s projects/materials (if approved by our expert review panel)* X X X
The opportunity to contribute medical information within the PD Info section of the EPDA website X X X
At least one seat at the PDG Think Tank table (see below)
  X X
The possibility of engaging the EPDA to work as advisers on your company’s educational projects/communications*   X X
An invitation to contribute to the development of EPDA projects   X X
Discounted Parkinson's Life sponsored articles (normally €3,000 per article) 10% discount 20% discount  40% discount
A profile and video (if desired) of your company on the partners section of the EPDA website (content to be agreed with the EPDA)     X
Your company’s news shared prominently via the EPDA’s social media platforms and news section (if desired)     X
Quarterly update on EPDA activities (if desired)     X
Other opportunities to be discussed X X X

* Note: depending on the level of work needed to be done by the EPDA, there may be additional costs to be covered. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note on diamond partners

The EPDA currently has three diamond partners – AbbVie, Boston Scientific and Medtronic. Each company has been extremely supportive to the EPDA for many years and recognise the benefits of working closely with the only European Parkinson’s umbrella organisation. These long-term, progressive and proactive partnerships not only help the respective companies and the EPDA, but most importantly people with Parkinson’s and their families across Europe and beyond.

We thank these companies for their generous support over the years, and invite other companies to become diamond partners so that we can do even more valuable work on behalf of the Parkinson’s community.

Explanation of PDG Think Tank

Since the EPDA’s formation in 1992, we have worked very successfully in partnership with the industry. Indeed, without its support, we would not be in a position to carry out the majority of our work programme.

To develop our mutually beneficial partnerships further, we launched the PDG Think Tank forum in 2009. All EPDA diamond and gold funding partners are invited to these collaborative roundtable meetings (usually two a year), which have developed into a valuable and trusted way of working and has led to greater awareness and understanding for all concerned.

The exclusive Think Tank meetings are among the most important dates in the EPDA’s calendar, and they ensure that all parties work together effectively to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s and their families. For more information about these meetings, please contact lizzie@epda.eu.com

Other opportunities for collaboration

The EPDA will happily discuss other projects and activities not mentioned above (i.e., for those companies not comfortable spending €20,000).


Code of practice for funding partner

The EPDA has developed its own code of practice to maintain its independence and transparency. Specifically, the EPDA has a code with regards to its:

Relationship with industrial and other potential partners

  • Relationships between the EPDA and its industrial and any other partners are based on equal partnership. Both sides will work together on policy development and practical initiatives in the interests of all EPDA member organisations and the EPDA's overall strategic direction
  • Successful partnerships are those where both partners gain by making the effort to understand the internal culture and external pressures of the other.


  • Funding will be declined if its application compromises the EPDA’s independence in any way
  • As an independent organisation, the EPDA relies on no conflict of interest and total transparency with the funder as well as the exchange of agreed and signed contracts
  • The EPDA favours the use of funding consortia of two or more companies from the same or other industries to meet its strategic direction
  • Details of the EPDA’s funding are included here and within its Financial reports.
  • The EPDA requires its funders to adhere to relevant company, national and international codes of conduct, including notifying their support for the EPDA on their websites.

Product endorsement

  • The EPDA’s name must not be used to imply approval or endorsement of any of the funders’ products
  • The EPDA encourages research into new treatments and the better application of existing therapies. It does not endorse the use of individual treatments over others
  • The EPDA supports the proper licensing of medicines.

Note: In addition to the EPDA’s own code of practice, the EPDA is also guided by the European Medical Agencies (EMA) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) codes of practice. For further information on these two codes, visit EMA www.ema.europa.eu and EFPIA  www.efpia.eu


Associated organisations

The EPDA works with the following organisations to promote each other’s overall aims and objectives – namely to support people with Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. Click on the organisations' names below for their contact details.


Media partners

The EPDA have established a number of media partnerships with organisations and companies who have agreed to help disseminate EPDA events and resources through links on their websites and publications free of charge.

These include: