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Focus on Parkinson's Disease

Vol 8 (2) - June 1996


Focus on Parkinson's disease: Vol. 8; Issue 2
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Editor's foreword

It is often suggested that the clinical response of patients with Parkinson's disease to levodopa stopped further thinking and research to the real cause of this neurodegenerative disorder.  With the MPTP story more attention is being focused to these aspects.  Parallels with intoxications, infections, drug-induction, immuno-medicated reactions were drawn.

As the review of Aarli shows, no evidence for an immunodisorder can be found in the literature.

Therapeutical developments were highlighted in the last months.

Napolitano reviews extensively the background of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) activity.

The second generation tolcapone, active in the central nervous system, offers the best perspectives for the clinical practice.  Several trials are underway, namely to demonstrate the clinical results of the laboratory-based evidence.