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Focus on Parkinson's Disease

Vol 8 (3) - October 1996


Focus on Parkinson's disease: Vol. 8; Issue 3
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Editor's foreword

In this issue of Focus on Parkinson's Disease attention is focussed on a more distantly related topic - the restless leg syndrome.  This relatively benign disorder was first described by Ekbom 50 years ago.  In their review of clinical, research, and therapeutical aspects of the syndrome, Wetter and Trenkwalder emphasize recognition of the syndrome.  In fact, the patient history usually gives the diagnosis.  Physicians should bear in mind that only a few of the diagnostic tests available are of real clinical significance.  There are therapeutic measures available, but given the number of drugs that can be prescribed, the physician should be alert to the balance between beneficial effects and side effects.

The article by Professor Youdim of Haifa, addresses the pathophysiological aspects of the radical theory for the development of Parkinson's disease.  Although many aspects still have to be clarified, a small step in the sequence of events seems to be explained.  There is still a lot of work to be done in order to get a complete overview of the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease.