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European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2012

European Disability Forum (EDF)
3 - 4 December, 2012 | Brussels, Belguim
"Active Europeans with disabilities – Let us participate!"
Further information
The 2012 Conference will look at the active participation of persons with disabilities in different areas of public life, such as politics (e.g. active and passive voting rights, involvement in political parties, participation in mainstream NGOs etc.), media (quantity and quality of the presence of persons with disabilities in the media, including cinema) and sports (competitive sports and leisure).

A special feature of this year's conference will be the award ceremony of the "European Award for Accessible Cities".

The conference outline: Three main sessions followed by full discussions by the audience. The sessions are the following:

  • Session 1: ‘Let us be visible’: Persons with disabilities in the media;
  • Session 2: ‘Let us influence and decide’: Persons with disabilities in political and public life;
  • Session 3: ‘Let us compete’: Persons with disabilities in sports.

Event secretariat
Contact details
Ann Vervaecke - EDF Secretariat
+32 2 282 4600