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Attempt to beat the Round-the-World Cycle Time-Record

James Bowthorpe

12 November 2009 

In April 2009, James Bowthorpe will set off from London in an attempt to break the world record for cycling around the globe, with the intention of raising £1.8 million for Parkinson's research.

"Two years ago I was choosing what volunteer medical work to apply for. Looking back at it now, I feel very lucky that I chose what I did. I became an honorary research fellow at a Parkinson’s Disease (PD) research clinic based at hospitals in South London.

Unfortunately, it would require a sea-change in the philosophy of funding bodies to realise the potential of [our research on the role of infection in causing and propagating PD].

Over the last year my response to this has shifted from one of frustration to one of clarity; if we cannot raise the funds required quickly enough through conventional channels, then we must try something else! Dynamic and unique research requires an equally singular fundraising proposition.

In April 2009 I will set off from London to break the world record for cycling around the globe, with the intention of raising £1.8 million. This money will enable the research to proceed immediately to its next stage – a five-year multi-disciplinary groundbreaking programme into ‘Parkinson’s: What’s driving it?’

My route will traverse Western and Eastern Europe, Iran, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. I intend to break the recently-set world record for this journey by at least three weeks, by cycling 120 miles a day for 150 days. £100 needs to be raised for each mile I cycle.

We are looking for people who can support the challenge, either financially or through advice and assistance on route."

Contact james@globecycle.org to offer support or advice.