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A project which monitors the needs of Parkinson Disease patients wins the Ambient Assisted Living Award

05 October 2012

European Union


The pan-European project HELP (Home-based Empowered Living for Parkinson Disease Patients) is the winner of the AAL FORUM Award, announced in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on September 26th at the AAL Joint Programme Forum 2012.

This award recognises the most promising project of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) in terms of innovation, human-centric approaches to development and market potential.

HELP is a consortium of nine partners from Spain, Italy, Israel and Germany, which has created a health monitoring system specifically targeted for the needs of Parkinson Disease patients. The award was handed in Eindhoven to the project coordinator, Jordi Rovira Simón, of Telefónica Spain.

The system features:

  • A Body Sensor and Actuator Network  made up of portable/wearable and home devices to monitor health parameters (e.g. blood pressure) and body activity (e.g. to detect gait, absence of movement), and to release controlled quantity of drugs in an automatic fashion;
  • A remote Point-of-Care unit to supervise the patients under clinical specialists control.

Including the winner, four projects were selected from a panel of recognised experts for the final phase of the award: Fearless, a fall detection system that would enable older to stay safer in their own environment; Health at Home, a wearable monitoring system, and Senior Channel, which offers the possibility to older adults to take part and watch TV programs dedicated to them.

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