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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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Political affairs and policy

One of the EPDA's strategic aims is to increase political awareness of Parkinson’s as a priority health challenge at a national and European level, and build political support for concrete change.

Why is this goal necessary?

Our political engagement rounds in Brussels in 2015 confirmed a distinct lack of awareness and knowledge among the European and national political community on Parkinson’s issues and the variations in care that exist across Europe. There is currently no organised MEP or national MP network that focuses exclusively on Parkinson’s to discuss and develop solutions for the growing disease burden.

Nevertheless, there have been encouraging signs of real support from EU policymakers for changes that could help to improve the quality of diagnosis, treatment and care for people with Parkinson’s. The information and political intelligence gathered in 2015 has also shed light on specific actions that could be taken at a policy level to facilitate improvements, particularly in the areas of funding, research and pan-European coordination.

The EPDA will achieve its political affairs and advocacy goals in 2016 through the following activities:

  • Defining and continuously adapting “key asks” of the EU and national governments
  • Developing and maintaining deep relationships with EU decision-makers and national MPs who can support these asks, using the My PD Journey project as a hook to engage them in Parkinson’s-related events organised by the EPDA and other meetings
  • Facilitating meetings and events between MEPs and national MPs with national Parkinson’s organisations and coalitions to discuss and address national challenges and opportunities

For more information about the EPDA's political affairs and policy work, please email politicalaffairs@epda.eu.com.