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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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The EPDA is involved in a number of large-scale and varied projects, each of which you can learn more about in this section. If you have any queries about these projects – or are interested in working with us on new or existing projects – then please email us at info@epda.eu.com.

Move for Change
Learn more about our online campaign for change

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How the EPDA plans to support its members achieve their aims

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The document that will raise awareness of carers' needs

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How the EU works
Meet the growing number of MEPs who  support the EPDA

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Life with Parkinson's
Discover how you can use our awareness campaign materials

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Regional project
Developing links between the EPDA and its regional members

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Find out about our many other partnered projects

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Past projects
The EPDA's 20-year history is still very relevant. Find out why

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