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European Parkinson's Disease Association
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The EPDA is involved in a number of large-scale and varied projects, each of which you can learn more about in this section of our website. If you have any queries about these projects – or are interested in working with us on new or existing projects – then please email us at info@epda.eu.com.


My PD Journey

My PD Journey is a first-of-its-kind multi-stakeholder project for people with Parkinson’s in Europe. The new initiative involves representatives across the entire Parkinson’s disease community – including European umbrella healthcare organisations, high-profile European Parkinson’s specialists, people with Parkinson’s, carers, members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, academics and health economists.

The various activities being delivered over the next two years will create a sustainable environment that ensures people with Parkinson’s will receive optimal and timely access to appropriate diagnosis, treatment and care throughout the progression of their disease.

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Move for Change

The EPDA’s Move for Change campaign is the largest online European patient survey on standards of care in Parkinson’s to date. The survey was designed to identify any areas of care falling short of the standards set by the EPDA’s Charter for People with Parkinson’s and current clinical guidelines.

The results of the survey are available in a number of formats throughout this section of the website.

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EPDA-partnered projects

A number of Parkinson’s-specific initiatives are currently being developed across Europe that combine the expertise of a number of researchers, scientists, other healthcare professionals, patients and patient organisations. The EPDA is actively involved in a number of them and details of these are available in this section.

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The Consensus Statement for Carers

The EPDA is developing a ‘sister’ publication to the successful The European Parkinson’s Disease Standards of Care Consensus Statement– only this time the document will be entirely focused on raising awareness of carers’ needs.

A number of key European experts in the field of Parkinson’s – including healthcare professionals (neurologists, nurses and therapists) and academics as well as people with Parkinson's, carers and representatives from European patient organisations – are joining forces with the EPDA to discuss what the document should be, how it should be structured and who it should be aimed at.

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Neurological Regeneration Trial (NRT)

The Neurological Regeneration Trial (NRT) project is an EU-funded, European phase II clinical trial to demonstrate that rhPDGF-BB (recombinant human platelet derived growth factor-BB) can act as a novel restorative therapy for people with Parkinson’s.

The therapy builds on compelling data from animal studies and the results of a phase I clinical trial, which have shown that rhPDGF-BB is safe and well tolerated, and that the surgical procedure is without unacceptable side effects to humans.

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Remote Management of Parkinson's Disease (REMPARK)

A significant problem that affects people with Parkinson’s (PwPs) are daily fluctuations in their motor functions. Typically these include tremor, bradykinesia (slow movement), dyskinesia (involuntary and uncontrollable movement), alteration of posture, freezing of gait and falls.

To combat these symptoms is REMPARK, a groundbreaking portable health system that aims to monitor the motor status of PwPs in real time, triggering a series of actions where necessary. REMPARK’s long-term aim is to develop a gait-guidance system that enables PwPs to perform daily activities safely and thereby live life to the full.

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