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Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
FP7-­ICT-­2011-­7 [287677 REMPARK]

Start date
November 2011

End date
April 2015

42 months

EPDA representation
Lizzie Graham
Mariella Graziano
Susanna Lindvall
Chiu Man

Full steam ahead
Learn about the REMPARK project


Website: www.rempark.eu

The REMPARK (Personal Health Device for the Remote Management of Parkinson’s Disease) project is funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme and its goal is to develop a) a personal health device (PHD) with closed loop detection and b) response and treatment capabilities for the management of people with Parkinson’s (PwPs). The project will do this by:

  • developing a wearable monitoring system that is able to identify in real time the motor status of the PwP, and evaluate their ‘on’/‘off’/dyskinesia status.
  • developing a gait guidance system that is able to help the PwP in real time during their daily activities.

In addition, the data analysis received from the wearable monitoring system will allow the PwP’s neurologist to access accurate and reliable information when making decisions about the best treatment options, thereby improving disease management.