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Move for Change (part 2: access to support services)

The second part of the Move for Change survey determined whether the third point of the 1997 Charter – that people with Parkinson's should “have access to support services” – is being met across Europe. This survey went live in April 2011 and closed at the end of October that year.

Consistent findings across the 35 countries surveyed revealed that: 

  • the neurologist and family doctor are the most accessible healthcare professionals, but an increased understanding of Parkinson’s and its symptoms is necessary to treat a patient appropriately
Move for Change - Key Finding 5
  • the use of a multidisciplinary team and additional support services in the treatment and care of Parkinson’s has been shown to be beneficial and encouraged across Europe, but access to a number of allied health services – such as Parkinson’s disease nurse specialists – is limited
Move for Change - Key Finding 9
If you are interested in going into much more detail about these survey results, please email info@epda.eu.com and/or click on the links above on the right.

Of particular interest is the peer-reviewed article published in the European Journal of Neurology (above right). The article was written by two high-profile Parkinson's specialists, Professor Bastiaan Bloem and Professor Fabrizio Stocchi.