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Move for Change (part 2)

The second part of the Move for Change survey determined whether the third point of the 1997 Charter – that people with Parkinson's (PwPs) “have access to support services” – is being met across Europe. Part 2 went live in April 2011 and closed at the end of October that year.

The data from this second survey, which has been analysed, will be used in the same way as the first: the results are being prepared for publication in a peer-reviewed European journal. The article will then be used as a tool alongside The European Parkinson’s Disease Standards of Care Consensus Statement for the EPDA and its member organisations to advocate for a change of service provision for PwPs at both a European and national level.

Move for Change Part II: a European survey evaluating the impact of the EPDA Charter for people with Parkinson’s disease
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The full report was published online in the European Journal of Neurology in October 2012, and also appeared in the March 2013 print edition.