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Media information/editorial

We value all contributions to EPDA Plus. However, due to our space restrictions it is sometimes necessary to edit an author’s work although we always endeavour to keep articles as close to the original copy as possible. Where it is not possible to include an article in the next EPDA Plus, it will (where possible) be held for publication at a later date.

We reserve the right to withhold or refuse to publish articles if they are considered to be inappropriate for the magazine or contrary to the aims of the EPDA. The editorial board’s decision is final.

Please email your editorial enquiries to editorial@epda.eu.com.

Deadlines and wordcounts

EPDA Plus is published three times a year (at the beginning of January, May and September respectively) and copy deadlines are usually two months prior to the publication date. Articles are generally no more than two pages in length. For general guidance:

  • Two-page features require approximately 900 to 1,000 words (including graphs and pictures).
  • One-page features require approximately 450 to 500 words (including graphs and pictures).
  • News articles require approximately 350 words maximum.