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EPNN Journal Issue 13 - Summer 2008

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EPNN Journal issue 13
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  • PDNSA – New Members Welcome
    The Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Association (PDNSA) is a professional organisation with membership throughout the UK and overseas.
  • Therapeutic Cloning Advances

    Research published in Nature Medicine has shown that therapeutic cloning, also known as somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), can be used to treat Parkinson’s in mice.

  • Specialist Nurses Job Fear

    Vacancy freezes and fears of redundancy and downgrading are continuing to plague the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) as it heads for a £1.8 billion surplus, a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) survey has found.

  • Urate Levels and Disease Progression

    Naturally elevated levels of the antioxidant urate, a normal blood component, may slow down the progression of Parkinson’s in men, according to a report published in Archives of Neurology in April.

  • More Pieces of the Cholesterol Puzzle

    A 2006 study by University of North Carolina researchers indicated that people with low levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol were more likely to develop Parkinson’s than those with high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

  • New Compulsive Behaviour Research Project

    The Parkinson’s Disease Society of the UK (PDS) is to fund a large-scale research project into compulsive behaviours linked to some medications, primarily dopamine agonists.

  • Parkinson’s Webcast

    Parkinson’s Disease Talk Live is a weekly webcast run by husband and wife team, Rich and Kim Rozek, who live in Indiana, US. Rich, a singer/songwriter well known in Europe’s hard rock underground, was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s eight years ago.

  • Apomorphine

    Austrian neurologist Regina Katzenschlager discusses the current therapeutic uses of the dopamine agonist apomorphine.

  • The ParkinsonNet Programme

    Bridget McCall interviews Marten Munneke, co-founder of the innovative ParkinsonNet programme, about the latest developments.

  • Exercise: The Positive Effects

    Jackie Russell discusses the advantages of exercise for people with Parkinson’s.

  • Viva la Salsa!

    Lizzie Graham asks Morry Krispijn, Dutch salsa teacher, about the benefits of this ‘saucy’ dance routine to people with Parkinson’s.

  • Staying in the Driving Seat

    Bridget McCall provides a checklist for all people with Parkinson’s who drive.

  • Sweden and Hungary Become Buddies!

    Lizzie Graham reports on an exciting new ‘buddying’ initiative.