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What we want to achieve

One of the EPDA's strategic aims is to increase political awareness of Parkinson’s as a priority health challenge at the European and national levels, and build political support for concrete policy change.

How the EU works and our key priorities for policy change

The EPDA actively engages with European Union decision-makers, partners and stakeholders to promote dialogue on policy gaps that negatively affect people with Parkinson’s and their families, and to collectively advocate for long-lasting change.

The EPDA strongly believes that the EU can make a real difference to the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s by:

  • raising disease awareness and reducing stigma
  • improving data collection efforts across Europe
  • providing funding for research
  • facilitating the exchange of knowledge and good clinical practices
  • taking measures to empower patients to become an equal and informed partner throughout the course of their treatment and care.

We also advocate for measures that promote the exchange of good practices among EU Member States, and explore EU funding opportunities for added-value projects that drive improvements in healthcare systems, such as the EPDA’s My PD Journey initiative.

Read about our policy priorities in more detail in our Political Manifesto.

Our core activities

Educating the EU community and raising political awareness

The EPDA undertakes a wide range of advocacy activities to raise disease awareness and educate politicians and policymakers at EU level of the challenges facing people with Parkinson’s.

We do this by organising a number of events in partnership with the EU institutions in Brussels, while meeting regularly with EU decision makers to discuss concrete action(s) that would drive progress in the diagnosis and the delivery of treatment and care. 

Building a European Parkinson’s community

At European level, the EPDA works closely with a number of other patient organisations to advocate for a more robust policy response to Parkinson’s, including the European Patients Forum (EPF), the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) and the European Brain Council (EBC).

Our collaboration efforts focus on collectively strengthening and raising the patient voice within EU policymaking. We also co-produce position papers on important issues, participate in projects that explore individual challenges that affect people with Parkinson’s, and put forward solutions to EU decision makers.

In addition, the EPDA and our partner organisations work together by sharing information and raising the visibility of each other’s efforts.

Read about the EBC’s research project on Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders to which the EPDA is contributing to.

Read about EFNA’s #undertheumbrella campaign – help us to spread the word!  

Contributing to EU policy

The European Commission regularly seeks the views of the patient community when it comes to developing policies and laws that impact how healthcare is delivered at the national level.

The EPDA engages with European Commission officials on issues of interest to the Parkinson’s community, both individually and through its partners in Brussels.

Read our contributions to EU policy consultations here

Read our Political Manifesto for Parkinson’s at the EU level.

Get involved

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