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Wellbeing map

The Parkinson’s Well-Being Map™ is a tool to help people with Parkinson's prepare for consultations with the healthcare professional.

The Map allows you to record and monitor Parkinson’s symptoms. It covers all aspects of Parkinson’s, both the motor and the underlying symptoms (also referred to as non-motor symptoms), so that you can highlight the symptoms that are of most concern and list the most important questions to ask at the next consultation. This way, symptoms do not get forgotten or overlooked.

How do I complete the Map?

You can either download a PDF copy of the map to print and complete by hand, or you can complete the Map online below and save to your personal computer. Once completed you can take a copy of the map to your next consultation with your healthcare team.

due to the size and functionality of the Well-Being Map™, this tool is currently only available on desktop.

Content last reviewed: May 2018

You can also complete the Parkinson's Well-Being Map™ online in a number of languages by visiting the UCB website, or you can download the map using the links below.

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