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PD Avengers

PD Avengers are a global alliance of people with Parkinson’s, their partners and friends, standing together to demand change in how Parkinson's is seen and treated.

Inspired by the book Ending Parkinson’s Disease: a Prescription for Action published in 2020 by Drs Ray Dorsey, Michael Okun, Bas Bloem and Todd Sherer, a group of leaders found themselves drawn together by the vision of its PACT (Prevent, Advocate, Care, Treat). It was decided that these leaders, most of whom live with Parkinson’s, would join forces with them.

The PD Avengers' vision is ending Parkinson's. Their mission is to unite 50 million voices to prove Parkinson’s matters and to build a sense of real urgency to end Parkinson’s.

The EPDA is proud to be among the PD Avenger's partner organisations.

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