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EPDA ExerciseCast aims to help people with Parkinson’s stay active and healthy during the coronavirus lockdown

Physiotherapist Josefa Domingos and speech pathologist John Dean
Josefa Domingos and John Dean

A new online exercise programme, the EPDA ExerciseCast, has been launched by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA).

The programme aims to help people with Parkinson’s (PwPs) remain active while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Josefa Domingos, EPDA Board member and physiotherapist specialising in Parkinson’s, said: “The EPDA ExerciseCast offers exercises for PwPs that are surprisingly fun, by combining voice, movement and cognition. It’s based on work I’ve been doing for some years with my colleague, John Dean – a speech language pathologist who also specialises in working with people with Parkinson’s. We share ideas ​to help people with Parkinson’s to stay well, as the world faces the on-going COVID-19 crisis.”

The programme features videos that challenge viewers to interact with the instructor and peers, and the opportunity to join in a live session.

Domingos added: “The goal is to provide friendship, emotional support, and guidance to other people with Parkinson’s.”

Read the full interview on Parkinson’s Life.

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Have you found new ways to exercise as a person living with Parkinson’s during the coronavirus pandemic? What do you think of the new EPDA ExerciseCast programme? Email and tell us your stories.

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