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Five Parkinson’s associations in Germany are calling for healthcare professionals to be better informed about the symptoms and treatment of Parkinson’s disease

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A network of five Parkinson’s organisations have joined forces to campaign for healthcare professionals to be better informed about the condition in Germany.

The initiative involves three self-help organisations (Jung und Parkinson, Deutsche PSP-Gesellschaft and PARKINSonLINE), working for the first time with the Parkinson Nurses Association and the Hilde-Ulrichs-foundation (HUS) for Parkinson’s research.

The campaign is calling for healthcare personnel to be educated about the symptoms and treatment of Parkinson's, and for the qualification "Parkinson’s Nurse" to be given official recognition.

Campaigners are also asking that if a patient has a chronic illness, a qualified specialist should be consulted.

Bernhard König, director of the Parkinson Nurses Association, said: “With the additional training for Parkinson's nurses, the bottleneck in the care of Parkinson's patients could be covered in a comprehensive and uncomplicated manner. Other European countries are way ahead in this respect.”

Campaigners say that despite warnings from relatives and patients themselves, physicians and nursing staff continue to abruptly withdraw medication from people with Parkinson’s (PwPs) in their care, with potentially life-threatening consequences.

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Campaigners are asking that if a patient has a chronic illness, a qualified specialist should be consulted

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Progress for people with Parkinson’s

Campaign co-ordinator May Evers, trustee at HUS and co-founder of Team Dopamin, says: “The campaign is doing well. We have managed to create some noise within the German Parkinson’s community and in the wider community. Our online petition has received more than 3,000 signatures so far.

“We have also started organising a series of flashmobs and information stands.”

As support for the petition grows, organisers are preparing to speak to politicians and activists about the general ‘care crisis’ in Germany.

Find out more and support the campaign on the Parkinson Bund website.

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