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How to join

About membership

Full or ‘active’ members are Parkinson’s disease organisations based in Europe (or in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea) that are legally constituted according to the laws and practices of their countries of origin.

How to join

To apply to become an EPDA member, email your request (including your organisation registration number and a copy of your organisation’s statutes, translated in English). The EPDA Board will then review the statutes to ensure they meet the EPDA requirements.

Membership approval will be notified by email, after which the new member organisation will need to complete a new membership form (which we will email you) and pay a membership fee (see below). New members will be ratified at the EPDA’s General Assembly.

Membership fees

The EPDA membership fee structure was ratified at the EPDA General Assembly 2018. The fees below are based on the number of members each organisation has in order to ensure transparency and fairness.

Membership fee bandings (2021):

Number of members Fee (€ EUR)
0–500 304
501–2,000 605
2,001–6,000 1,229
6,001–10,000 1,536
10,001–14,000 3,644
More than 14,000 6,073

Membership fees will be reviewed on an annual basis as per the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), which is compiled by Eurostat. These figures have been reviewed and there will be no change in the membership fees from 2020 to 2021.

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